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We haven’t broken a classic – just evolved it.

The comments and reactions Mirror Read has received over the years have helped the MR Project change and expand immensely. Thanks to you, we continue to grow and help readers around the world to find new perspectives on learning.

Here is our latest modification: You made us do it. We have SPLIT THE MIRROR.

Meaning- now Mirror Read has a very special counterpart: Mirror Web. Thanks Nathaniel Blumer!

When the MR App was originally developed, it came with several different ‘rabbit holes’ – elements to look deeply into: -The Mirror Browser that allows you to surf the Web – backwards. -Backword Scramble challenges you to play a unique word-find game – in reverse -Mirror Messaging enables you to send reversed messages in different colours, fonts and formats. -The Backword Book Mr Puff & Mr Peeve offers a new way to read to children – in mirrors.

The problem was, the educational MR App required an NC-17 rating because it provided unrestricted Internet access – that not everyone wanted.

So we rebuilt the original MR App using the latest iOS, without the MR Browser. 4+. Thanks Kyle Ilantzis!

Now it’s easy for everyone to be able to play in reverse – in whatever ways they enjoy: If you want to surf backwards, download the (still free) MIRROR WEB app. For everything else, update the Classic MR app.

Enjoy! And please review MR apps to let us know what you think of our evolution…

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