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Economic Reversals?

Since the December 2018 edition of The Economist was published, I have received many emails with similar comments:

"Whatever the enigmatic symbols may mean, this cover is easy to decode if you are a proficient Mirror Reader."

Why? Because all the words in the cryptic image are reversed.

It's a challenge for some people to decipher, but not all.

For people who practice mirror reading, it's a simple mental flip.

Can you read what is written below the 2? (answer at bottom)

To check your accuracy, if you have a physical copy of the magazine, you can simply hold it up to a mirror.

But if you are perusing an online version, it’s easy to examine the reversed image with Mirror Read tech.

Explore the Economist's website using the free MIRROR WEB APP or use the MIRROR BOOKMARK on this website.

Find out what your Web looks like in reverse.

It's no puzzle: Reverse Reading activates regions of the brain not associated with regular reading, notably areas of the right brain.


Practice makes cortex.

Leonardo da Vinci was a well known mirror writer. His Vitruvian Man is prominent in the drawing - complete with virtual reality goggles?

Answer - Below the 2: “New Horizons of Ultimate Thule”.

This refers to NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft getting close to the mysterious, distant object Ultima Thule on New Year’s Day.

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