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What is Mirror Reading?

Mirror Reading is the ability to decode text that is presented in mirror-reverse. Mirror Reading requires skills that are different from ordinary reading - for example, mental rotation and spatial transformation.



I can Mirror Write - is it the same as Mirror Reading?

Mirror Writing is the ability to write in reversed text. Many of us mirrored our letters as we learned  how to write. Researchers today recognize that doing so is very normal. Sometimes people may inadvertently begin mirror writing after a brain injury, however, it is not generally considered a disability. It might be a valuable perceptual and language-production skill - check out YouTube videos of people mirror writing with both hands!




If I practice Mirror Reading, what will happen?

Researchers around the world are exploring Mirror Reading as a complex cognitive skill set. Mirror reading practice promotes grey-matter growth in right-brain regions associated with mental rotation and spatial transformation. Mirror Reading practice is also linked to working memory and procedural memory increases. Now, the race is on to investigate the full benefits of this intriguing ability.




How can I practice my Mirror Reading Skills?

Lots of ways! Explore the Mirror Read app on iTunes - discover the Mirror Browser that turns the Internet around! Drag the Mirror! Bookmark onto your computer's tool bar. Take the Mirror Read Test, or spend some time Mirror Messaging. Check back on this site frequently for tips and suggestions to develop your abililties.




How do I get involved in research on Mirror Reading?

Great question! :) Please write us:    We would be happy to give you more information about how you can contribute to new learning in this fascinating area of study.


Got another question?

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