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Mirror Reading 

-teams from around the world are exploring
mirror reading and ability development


The Science of Mirror Reading: Practice Makes Cortex.

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                             KEY ARTICLES: (click for direct links)

                       * Mirror Reading stimulates regions of the brain not associated with regular reading.

                          1. Duerden & Laverdure-Dupont (2008) 

                        * Mirror Reading practice stimulates gray matter growth in right-brain regions related to 

                          spatial transformation and mental rotation skills.                                                                                                                 2.  Poldrack et al., (1998)                                         
                       *  Mirror Reading proficiency is correlated with increases in working and procedural memory.

                            3.  Ilg et al., (2008)

                       * Working and procedural memory are key abilities that can be developed and amplified.

                            4.  Callabrese & Neugebauer (2002)


                       * Reading vertically and horizontally mirrored text: An eye movement investigation.

                            4.  Katharina Pittrich and Sascha Schroeder (2023)



MR Article Catalogue:

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