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Adventure Books for Grandparents

“Grandmere and Grandpere can be innovators in their grandchildren’s reading lives by introducing them to new literary experiences…

Sneaking away from the table now and then, to indulge in a book or two with a reading buddy, can create echoes of connection that last lifetimes…

But how to get kids away from the latest electronic gadgets?

One answer: Take books into unusual places – and make reading into an interactive game that they will really remember…”

__________ So goes an article that appeared recently on Mirror Reading in the Montreal Community Newspaper The Senior Times.

========= “As we sweep into the upcoming Christmas and Hanukah celebrations, lots of grandparents are looking forward to story times with little ones. Reading together gives Grandma and Grandpa unique chances to find quiet moments and make memories with grandchildren. And especially over the holidays, books offer warm refuge from a cold sea of video screens.

This year, grandparents and parents who are looking for something bookish and outside-the-usual will find a very new kind of story adventure on the bookshelves. Called Mirror Read Adventure Books, they come with a very special twist: They are completely written in reverse.

Backwards text is nothing new, but reading backwords books in mirrors with little ones is…”

To read the entire article, please click HERE.

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