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Mirror Reading Research is growing around the world.


We want to play a part. We hope you do too.


 Interested in your own mirror reading abilities?
Here, learn and contribute to new science in ability development.
Participating in The Mirror Read Project is easy, fun and exciting.


The next phase of study is real world - 

"What are the effects of
mirror reading practice on daily life skills?"


This is where You come in.

Take part in the Mirror Read Project in any written language.
Practice mirror reading by reading
whatever you already read online - backwards
- Your participation will involve mirror reading practice.
You decide what you will mirror read and for how long.
- Your participation may also include answering questions about
your mirror reading activities and daily life skills that you would like to transform 
- Your information will remain confidential to the MR research team. 

First: Read this statement aloud and answer the questions below.

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