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Mirror Read Rabbit Holes

Here is a secret note, for your eyes...

We will be announcing this to the world shortly, but since you are now within the circle, I will tell you:

We want to know when you track it down.

Once I dreamed of a way to mirror the Internet with an easy flip of the switch. To read, play and learn whatever I liked, on any computer, easily...

I am happy to announce that it is done! Now, with the Mirror Read Bookmark, any website, including learning games and newsfeeds, can be reversed - for research, education and entertainment purposes.

Unlimited, in every language, for free.

No one has ever tried this worldwide before, so we are still in testing phases, but the MR Bookmark works really well on most computers.

If you are interested in testing it out, I created a "rabbit hole":

A rabbit hole is a secret link on this Mirror Read website that will take you to a page where you will have access to a private Mirror Read Bookmark. There are easy instructions for installing - but you have to find it first. Simple for those with the eyes to see... :)

We would be happy to follow up with you - just let us know.

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