Thank you for furthering
mirror reading science.

        Mirror Read Apps Evolve!

Introducing a vast new territory of learning with 


                   The New Mirror Web App

               Featuring MIRROR BROWSER, 
            the world's first technology allowing 
    you to explore the Internet in mirror reverse.

    - Updated iOS.
    - Still free.




The Mirror Read App - An original classic 

Comes with an exciting array of Add-Ons:
-Backword Scramble Word Game

-Mirror Messaging Tools

-Backwords Books for children. 


Explore this exciting  and unique bundle of games and tools.
For free..


Where do you want to explore online - in reverse?

Visit your usual sites: Social media and online forums,

books and word games, trivia contests, musical lyrics,

cartoons, your choice of news...where ever you want to read! 


With Mirror Web and MIrror Read iTunes apps:
> Discover untapped aptitudes.

> Challenge friends & family.

> Enjoy the benefits of new perspectives of reading and learning.


Initially developed as a set of research tools, Mirror Web and Mirror Read Apps provide a scaffold to explore, learn, play, and further innovative science. 


Teachers, Parents, Students, Reading Professionals, Researchers, and everyone around in the world who is looking to read in reverse - in any language.


Please contact us if you would like more information, and to learn about opportunities in mirror reading science.


These Apps were designed and created for MIRROR READ
by Nathaniel Blumer  and Kyle Ilantzis
in Montreal, Canada.