Reading in Mirrors? Why?

Mirror Read Books
turning reading around.


Mirror Read Books are made to be read in mirrors…
Just hold the book up to a reflection and see.  It's easy -  printed in mirror text.

Inspired by the reversed writings of Lewis Carroll and Leonardo da Vinci,
these books take story time where it doesn't usually go.
Into the reflection.


Designed by Dr. Shelagh Robinson, Psychologist

Mirror Read books create unusual opportunities for
adults and children to read face to face, in the reflection.


Reading reversed books in mirrors with kids makes for special eye connections -
key elements in social skills development.


Kids who are not yet interested in reading can be
enticed to read in a mirror.

Enjoy the first volume in the MR catalogue of softcover and eBooks for children
for free.

Please let us know what you think.

Mr Puff and Mr Peeve - English

Calin et Malin - French