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What's In A Score?

Exciting game play doesn’t require ego-inflating numbers. Backword Scramble – the world’s only Word-Find in Reverse – calculates scores to reveal real practice effects, not flatter.

When the MR app v2.0 was revamped for research, the clean scoring system of Backword Scramble stayed the same. Numbers reflect creativity, decoding speed, risk-taking, and vocabulary. First-timers average 22 - and pick up strategy fast. For all ages. Have you tried it?

After analyzing hours of play and practice, this is how we gauge Backword Scramble scores per game at Level Easy. Scores over 90 have not been verified…yet.

70+ – Expert

50-69 – Excellent

30-49 – Intermediate

10-29 – Average0-9 – Beginner

Mauryonetwothree who graces the MR Leaderboards with 78 points is pretty amazing!

Some of the biggest addons of v2.0 involve the new Achievements Area like earning 100 points in a single game, and finding 50 words in a session. The clever scoring algorithms devised by Nathaniel Blumer are spelled out in the free app.

Break 100 and let us know.

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