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UnTrivial Pursuits

March 10, 2014

...So not Trivial!


When programming visionary Nathaniel Blumer divulged, "We can turn the internet backwards," I spoke fast, shortsighted: "No way."


Now people from all over the world are emailing on the intricacies of mirror reading whatever they like, in their own language - Slovenian, Spanish and more. Exciting to learn!


Suddenly I am receiving suggestions on featured topics for the MR Browser - that allows anyone to navigate the internet in Reversed or Regular format.


I will dedicate pages on the MR website specifically for Recommendations. Keep the ideas coming!


Trivia games are mentioned by a number of international players.

Being quizzed on interesting topics provides us with great opportunities to practice factual memory. Then, when we play in reverse, we transform fun knowledge games into a complex spatial activities. Not at all trivial!
See for yourself...

Sports, Science, Literature and much more.


Here are 3 terrific Trivia sites that are easy to view with Mirror Browser on the MR app:






And my personal favorite:



Still haven't checked out the new app?



Shout out what you discover with the MR Browser.


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Mirror Read Rabbit Holes

March 20, 2014

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