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Surf Backwards

It is my pleasure to announce:

The Mirror Read v2.0 is out!

Now, do what you have never been able to before.

!Surf backwards!

This amazing update to the Mirror Read app on iTunes features an amazing new element:

Thanks to programming wonder Nathaniel Blumer...

For the first time ever, you can surf the Web in reverse then flip the screen back to regular to navigate with ease! No limits!

Read, play and learn what you like, where you want, on any website - in mirror format – including Youtube and online word game sites.

All with a simple Mirror Tab.

Mirror Reading is a complex cognitive skill studied by researchers all over the world.Educational researchers find links between mirror reading and increases in working memory abilities. And that’s just the beginning…

Scientists use mirror- reversed text to measure spatial rotation skills and to test procedural memory in Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s patients. Now, the race is on to learn more about the benefits of Mirror Reading practice.

That's where you come in. With the updated Mirror Read App, everyone can enjoy innovative and enriching activities AND help to further the latest in Mirror Read science.

With the Mirror Read Browser, the Backward Scramble Game, Mirror Read Messaging and Mirror Read eBooks for children, learning is turning around. Explore your untapped aptitudes and discover how fast it becomes to become an able mirror reader.

Students, teachers, parents, reading professionals, researchers, educators, and innovators are invited to discover the benefits of a new point of view.

Download the complete unlimited Mirror Read App on iTunes for free and enjoy!

Please SHARE and rate it – we’d love to know what you think!

Comments? Email shelagh@mirror

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