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The Mirror Read Shop is migrating from the old MR site, to here.

We appreciate your patience as we make the changes.


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Reading reversed format books in reflections with children may sound strange -- 

until you get a glimpse of the new perspective it brings.

Mirror Reading leads us into new experiences of playing with books, transforming tales into events, and truly interactive storytimes.


Printed in reverse text, these books are easy to read when held up to a mirror...


When we read in mirrors with children, we create interactions that are very different from regular side-by-side reading.

Mirror reading is conducive to observations of various skills, including joint attention, lip reading and eye contact.


In mirrors, we read with kids, not just to them.


Reading regular books with a child, our eyes are down, focused on the page. In a mirror, little ones can look at us from different angles, observe our lips as we pronounce words, see our eyes widen in smiles, and imitate our funny faces.



Mirror Therapies

The use of mirrors as therapeutic tools is well-known amongst speech and language pathologists and autism specialists. Seated or standing side-by-side, facing their reflections, therapist and client are easily able to see one another.


Pronunciation practice in a mirror offers effective opportunities to mimic speech behaviours and receive fast feedback. Clinicians, teachers and parents can easily watch for and shape patterns of awareness, attention, rhythm and interaction.


Mirrors in therapeutic settings are not merely reflective devices. They may be used to amplify interactions by providing distance while increasing face-to face-looking. Mirrors serve as social buffers that capture attention, promote connection and play while heightening opportunities for observation and intervention.


The research continues. To get involved, please contact our team.

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