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Thank you for furthering
mirror reading science.

Welcome to the Mirror! Bookmark












It is now possible to turn your Internet around,
using the MIRROR! BUTTON above.

Introducing the first reading tool
designed to transform online content into 


Free for educational, research and entertainment purposes.

 Created by Kyle Ilantzis in Montreal, Quebec  

- If you are using Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer or FireFox:

Drag and drop the Mirror! Button at the top of this page to your computer's bookmark toolbar.

It will look something like this when properly installed.

Click your new Mirror! Bookmark - see what happens.


You ought to be able to view the mirror image of your page.

Then, open a new tab and go to the website of your choice. When you are ready,  click your new Mirror! Bookmark, and watch your website mirror itself.
Click the button again to go back to Regular view. 


If it does not work, you likely need to update your browser to the latest version. 


Don't forget: If you are using an iPad or iPhone, all you need to do to surf backwards is install the free Mirror Read iOS app. Find it HERE.


How well does this work?

The Mirror Bookmark works great for modern web browsers. By modern we mean ones that support the "css3 transform property." 


Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox mirrored the web pages we tried out better than Internet Explorer 11. Even then, with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox there are occasional webpages that have quirks when mirrored.


How does it work for you? Please send feedback!


* Try out the Mirror Read Bookmark on your favorite social networking sites, games and Youtube videos or your favorite blog post! Mirror Read whatever you want.

If you use this Mirror Read Bookmark, help us tell the world:

Please mention us on all your favourite social media.



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Thank you for furthering
mirror reading science.

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