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You have taken the Mirror Read Test and submitted your Project Start Page. 
For this next phase, you will practice mirror reading, and report.

How often?
That depends on you. Practicing mirror reading every day for 5 minutes ought to be your target, but at least 15 minutes per week is optimal.
* Plan for a minimum of 3 five minute sessions of mirror reading per week, for three weeks. 

Each time you practice mirror reading, PLEASE come to this page and submit this document.
You will also submit an Activities of Daily Living survey once per week (found here).

For this phase of the study, you will need to download (for free) either
- the Mirror Read Browser on the Mirror Read iTunes App

- the Mirror Read Bookmark from this website.

If you have not already done so, please do so now.

Mirror Read Project
Self-Report Form


Thanks for your interest in this unique project.


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